Saturday, May 4, 2013

Going to state for track

Hello everyone I know that I haven't posted in a couple day one reason is because I have had a bunch of track meets going. I just had a regional meet Thursday and I did the 400 meter 800 meter and 4*400 rely
my 400 meter time was 1:01 800 meter was just more of a warm of lap for me this meet because the 4*400 was the one thing that I wanted to focus on. Ok so the last thing 4*400 this is thing that we are going to state for are time not the best we lost one of are guys and had to put a sub in for him we got 4:11 we would of probably got 4:05 if we had a other guy my lap time in this was 1:00 flat so I ran this lap faster than my 400
meter. I'm the one on the right

Photo: Andrew and Grady at their last regular track meet. Grady qualified to go to state for all 3 of his events and Andrew will go with him for the 4x400 relay again!

Well here are the place I got and are team all-together got 1st!
400 Meter 4th
800 Meter 10th
4*400 Rely 2ed


  1. Andrew that's awesome! I went to state in the 4/400 as well in 1982! I was the leadoff runner.