Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Qyspy Queen Group Break Results!

Hello everyone I got the box last night but it was about 9 PM when I was done with it all. OK well I tried to make a video I had a about 5 min in then I guess that my camera just decided not to work but I will promise you that all the stuff that you are about to see is what I pulled. Well over all I got to say that Qyspy Queen is a pretty awesome product!

Here is all what you guys are probably wanting to see the hits what you get? Well here you are. Oh yeah I need all of your addresses if you could just email them to me at sdcarwile@frontier.com

First off we have some of the inserts from the set, all I can I say is that these thing are awesome!
 Here are all of the the mini from the mini box I'm not sure why these are so special but here you are there is all ten of them.
 Here is a blue border that I pulled that I have to look freaking amazing in front of you. This is numbered 310/499
 This is the two blacks that we pulled numbered first Mike Leake 88/99 second Josh Reddick 80/99
 Here is the only green mini that I pulled Starling Marte number 86/99
Last but the best the hits! OK I got to say this box was totally worth it for you guys and me first we have a Matt Holliday black border frame relic second  a awesome neon orange Matt Cain relic. OK now for the autos which I thought were pretty good fist we have a auto that I think mostly everyone knows Jordan Zimmerman second are last auto Carlos Ruiz. 

I will try to get all you guys shipments out by Friday. Thanks for everyone for doing my group break! I will be doing another one next month and I hope that my camera will work and I will have to decide what to bust.


  1. I don't think people will want to put their addresses in the comments because then everybody else can see where they live.

  2. I sent you an email with my address and the teams I had.

  3. I also emailed you my address and teams. Nice box.

  4. just wondering if anyone came across the adrian gonzalez mini? it went awol from my stack of dodgers. still, a nice haul for my team. thanks for hosting.