Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I got I got Mail

Hello everyone and once again I got some mail form William of foulbunt.blogspot.com I got some really nice mail form him this time. As for you guys that read his blog know that he opened three boxes of 2013 Topps series one. Lucky for me William is a super nice guy and gives me any triples that he pulls and I usually get a  bit. So here is the stuff that William sent in to me.

Here is probably the best card that he sent me. I know it just a base card but it Albert. Once I saw this I put it in a penny sleeve and top loader and put this in my player collection. There is just one thing about all my Albert Pujols in my collection on almost all the cards you see him and he is like I just hit a home-run and there is nothing that you can do about it.

Here is another really great card. I am super happy that William got this for me because this was one of the RC cards of Aroldis Chapman that I didn't have for once. My Aroldis Collection is still pretty small and I can't seem to find anymore without out them being over priced. 

Finally here is the 2013 Topps series one that look awesome. The photographs this year are amazing they really out effort this year some nice dive, jump, and many other different awesome stuff. I am missing some Cardinals for the team set for series one and if you can tell from the picture what I am missing I would love if you could do a trade with me so that I could get the team set the would be awesome.


  1. No I can't do anything about that home run Albert I'm very sorry. :)

  2. Glad you liked the stuff Andrew! Already working on your next stack of cards :)

  3. Very nice stuff! I haven't forgot about our trade. I still have the package on my desk but will be mailing it out tomorrow! Thank you for the cards you sent me, I did a little write up about it on my blog in case you haven't seen it.