Sunday, December 2, 2012

Want to trade?

Hey everyone I have been trying to add to some of my player collection lately and I need your help. I was hoping that you guys could help me with my Matt Holliday collection. I have a list made that is in my want list for Matt Holliday there is probably 1,000 or more that I have to add. I only have 2012 and 2011 up and I will have 2010,2009,2008 up tomorrow   I hope that maybe some of you have something because I am in the mood for a trade. I also collect Albert Pujols and Aroldis Chapman. You can email me at this new email I got a new one because on the other one there was to much junk mail taking over.

Here is the link to my want list


  1. Hi there. I have a few cards you want. I'm making the list of them and will contact you by mail.