Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Time To Talk Playoffs

This is one interesting playoffs that going one this year. First off we have the Cardinals that barely made it again this year. And second off we have the O's that haven't made it this far in 15 years so longer than I have been alive.  And they are doing pretty good they are tied for the sires just like the Cardinals are. I really like the O's so I am hoping that they can win the series to the New York Yankees. And we got the A's and tigers that I really don't care which one go's on I just really want to see the Cardinals or the O's go on to the next round. Man because I know they a ton of yo O's fan's out there that have been waiting for this moment for some of you guy you entire life.

If you are a O's fan just put down that you are because I want to see how many you are excited about this?!?!

1 comment:

  1. Of course I'm an Oriole fan and I have been enjoying this season so much. I really don't want it to end, so the only way we can keep it up is to just keep winning. I hope they do...