Thursday, August 2, 2012

TTM #7

Hey guy's! I just got a TTM  yesterday and couldn't post yesterday because I had to much going on. This is one of the TTM's that I sent out that I had of forgot about because I forgot to wright it down in my book.But it is a nice one of Carl Erskine. He was a 12 day TTM to get. He sent me a card that he had he signed it and he signed my index card that I sent.

Here is the card that he sent that I didn't know that he was going to send to me. It is a really nice looking card pulse it say's To Andrew. I really like some of theses card that these players send. Well I will show you the index card now.

Here is the index card I think is cool looking. This guy has a nice looking autograph. On the index card he put #17 1948 Dodgers 1959 I was glade to get this back now I have 7 retired players on index cards my goal is to get at lease 25.   
I hope you guy's like it! Have a great Day! 

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  1. Erskine is great at responding to TTM requests. I love the cards he sends out. He must have all different kinds, as I got a different one back a couple years ago.