Friday, June 8, 2012

TTM #3 Freddy Schmidt

Hey guy just got my 3ed TTM back today! and it is of Freddy Schmidt he sent me this really nice card and he signed my index card that I sent him the scan look really good so I will show you guy the scans the look very neat.

 Here is the card that he sent me I think it look pretty cool it is very neat that he dos TTM for a older guy that he will take the time to send people TTMs back.
 Here is the back of the card show up above he put Anmr, 1945 Best Wishes Freddy Schmidt.
Here is the index card that I asked him to sign what he put on it is pretty cool  Best Wishes To Andrew Carwile From Freddy Schmidt 1949 Cardinals 1944 and in the right top corner 96 Young. Thanks MR.Schimidt!

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  1. Awesome TTM bro! Schmidt is a great signer and I'm glad you got him!