Saturday, June 23, 2012

Part 2 in contest Questions 1-5

Superdupperman99 - 9 points
William - 10 points
James Haynes - 10 points
Rosenort - 9 points
Dawgbones - 10 points
The Lost Collector - 1 point
Ryan H. - 5 points
Drew - 5 points
Unclemoe - 1 point
Greg Zakwin - 3 points
Tom Tessier - 7 points

I am going to give you guy some quiz questions that all are about world series. Each one you get right will be worth 1 point so Ex. If i get 3 of 6 I would get 3 point. Sound good? pulse I forgot to say that you need to email me the answers you can look them up or do what ever you need to get the answer and if you don't think you have the right answer the first time you can guess more than once if you think you have the right answer the next time but I won't tell you if you have the right you will have to check me blog to time to time to see if I have put your points on there yet. Ok now that done with on with the questions P.S. its not to late to sign up!!!

1.Which pitcher hit a grand slam in the world series of 1970?
2.What is the only team to win the world series twice after behind three games back?
3.Which player played the most World Series?
4.Which player played the most games in the most World Series?
5.Who hold's the record for the most save's in a World Series?

Have fun!!!

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