Thursday, June 21, 2012

Contest Time! Part 1

William - 5 points
Superdupperman99 - 3 points
James Haynes - 5 points
The Lost Collector - 1 point
Rosenort - 5 points
Ryan H. - 5 points
Drew - 5 points
Unclemoe - 1 point
Greg Zakwin - 3 points

Hey guy I am going to do a contest that I think that you will like. The contest is based of points so here is
how it go to get 1point you have to follow my blog to get 2 point add a link to you blog about my contest and you can get 2 points for a quiz that you will have to email me your answer so if you put it in there comment that no one could see the answer. I might give you some quiz that are from my older post. I forgot to say if you are already following just put in the comment that you are already following so I know that you are doing the contest. Ok prize's will be 1st 2ed and 3rd. Today's quiz is what was the first TTM that I got back? email to this address
 Ok I will go ahead and show you guy what the prize's are.

The red is numbered /1199 the purples are numbered /700 and the greens are numbered /450

The blue is numbered to 60
This will be one of the first prize 

There will be probably 5 parts to this contest and the rest will have more quiz's thanks ever one for doing my contest! 


  1. I'm already following. Link to contest will be posted on my blog shortly.

  2. Following (of course)

  3. Already following, and pimped

  4. I'm following, and I'll have a link to the contest up on my blog in a little bit.. thanks

  5. Following.
    Linked you:

  6. Just followed, and you'll have an e-mail shortly with the quiz answer.

  7. Following now, and linked here: and will be emailing shortly.


  8. Nice blog. I'm now a follower and heres the link to your contest on my blog The Angels In Order.

    Lets trade sometime!

  9. I'm in and the contest is pubbed!