Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Contest Questions #4 Last one!!!! **Updated

***Contest will be ending at 5 p.m. so you better email me if you have not already***

1st William - 35 points
1st Play at the plate - 35 points
1st James Haynes - 35 points
2ed Ryan H. - 33 points
3rd Supperdupperman99 - 32 points 
4th Tom Tessier - 31 points
5th Kemp Kershaw - 30 points
6th dagbones - 19 points

This can still change. Since there is three people in first I am going to have to put there names on but I will do that at 5 p.m.

Sorry I forgot to say that there were going to be 5 sets of questions so Friday will be the last day.  Ok I have been trying to find so hard questions that would be hard to look up but some of you guy just know every thing it seems like this time I think I have some that will be a bit harder than the last one and each one this time will be worth 2 points each since they are a bit harder than the last one's. So are you guys ready? Ok here they are. Number 2 is worth 14 points.

1.When was the first (known) curve ball in baseball thrown? And who threw it?

2.Guess all of the AL an the NL comeback players of the year since 2005.

3.There is only ONE current manager in MLB that has never played Minor League baseball. Who is he?

3.  Who has the highest BBWAA voting percentage to gain election into the Hall of Fame?

***Sorry, my source for question number 3 was outdated.  The person who was listed is no longer a manager in MLB (Dave Trembley, former Baltimore Orioles manager).

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