Monday, March 12, 2012

More Mail From William!

Here is some more mail that William gave me again because he is AWESOME! he even gave my brother and dad some card to! here is some of the cards he gave me for FREE!

                                                          Here we have a Ozzie Smith N.L All Star Topps 1886.
                                                       Here we have a Darrell Porter Donruss 1882.                                                          
                                                    Here we have a Matt Holliday Topps 2011 Diamond.
                                                        Here we have a Jim Lindeman Topps 1888.
                                                      Here we have a Albert Pujols Topps 2007 Turkey Red.
                                                        Here we have a Chris Carpenter Topps 2006 Own The Game.
                                                          And here we have my Favorite Aroldis 2009 Chapman Bowman Chrome .

William is a great person so you can do trade with him at his blog

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