Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I went out to check to see if I had any mail today and saw a package and saw that it was from William he gave my a top loader for my post card that I have. He also gave me some cool  that I have pic of below so here is what he gave me.

Go to William's Blog at http://foulbunt.blogspot.com/ he is AWESOME! So you defiantly should contact him!
 Here is a 1st Bowman card of Aroldis Chapman that looks awesome when he first got drafted and will be GREAT! for my collection.
 Here is a Bowman Chrome of Aroldis Chapman I like this card a lot because I love the chrome cards.
Here is the new Opening day Topps 2012 card of Aroldis Chapman throwing his fastball.
 Here is a second Opening day Topps 2012 card of Lance Berkman.

Here is a Lace Lynn and Cody Satterwhite College Ties this I like a lot because I never buy Donruss so this look awesome and better yet it is numbered 940/1500.
Here is a Topps 2011 Finest Eduardo Sanchez RC this is one of the cardinals RC's that I like a lot.

That is all for today and again check out William's blog at http://foulbunt.blogspot.com/ Thanks!

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  1. I'm glad you liked them buddy. I had picked up that Lance Lynn card for someone else, but decided that you might appreciate it more.